The story…

Once Upon a time…

In those ancient times, when the mill wheel of the Saruga,s mill on the Mur on the edge
of the beautiful village of Mele. The water hurried, time passed
with them, the mill wheel unfortunately disappeared …

Today …

The idylic grain Mill on the Mur cleared the Oil Mill in the middle of the village of Mele.
Our tradition continues with the cultivation and the working of Oil plants. Of the
The Farmhouse and the Šaruga oilmount offer their customers and guests mainly the domestic
highly appreciated pumpkin seed, sunflower and rapeseed oil.

For our Oils, we only use kernels of local cultivation from the most significant planes
the country along the Mur. All cooking oils, especially the house-pumpkin oil, are obtained
the old, traditional style according to the recipes of our ancestors.

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